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Why should you choose Lisieux?

Making the choice about the best environment for your child’s education is a big decision, one of the most important you will make in relation to their education.

At Lisieux, we recognise that, and we warmly encourage families to visit us, tour our facilities and chat to our teachers and Principal to assist in making the right choice.

To provide you with a brief overview of some of our unique features, below is a summary of some reasons parents choose our school.

  1. Community

Our beautiful coastal setting provides an inspiring environment for all students. What makes our school unique is our community of people, our dedication to excellence and our focus on student wellbeing.

  1. Sense of belonging

Fundamental to our philosophy is the belief that student success is built upon a framework of connection and belonging. An understanding and appreciation of each person’s unique gifts and strengths and a focus on building close relationship with others is central to our mission.

  1. We build confident learners

Our students are encouraged to identify and pursue academic excellence and to actively partake in sporting endeavours, cultural pursuits and social justice initiatives. Our teachers understand that students achieve when they are encouraged to do their best, take ownership for their learning, and when their achievements are recognised.

  1. Faith development

Our commitment to fostering the faith development of our students is paramount to our role as educators at Lisieux. We aim to build a community that is Christ-centred and based on values of openness, equality, respect, trust and a sense of belonging. Within the pace of our school life, we offer students moments of silence and reflection where they are encouraged to still their minds, to slow down and experience prayer.

  1. Personalised learning

The pedagogy of Lisieux has its basis in personalised learning where teachers are invited to make individualised responses to learning needs and encourage students to be creative and reflective thinkers who take risks and are confident in their own learning. We recognise that every student is a learner and our aim is to maximise learning outcomes for all students.

  1. Best practice

We are fortunate, as a new school, to be in a positon to draw on elements of many approaches – the best approaches, the approaches shown through research to enhance learning outcomes, build resilience and foster independence. Our staff is committed to a culture of rigorous, ongoing professional development in order to ensure that our teaching is of the highest standard. The core aim of Lisieux is to transform the quality of teaching and learning by strengthening relationships within the learning spaces, within the school, and between the school and the community.

  1. Social development and wellbeing

The school utilises a Restorative Practice Framework which underpins student welfare across all ages. This approach assists members of the community to build, maintain and restore relationships. A Restorative Practice framework helps students build capacity to self-regulate behaviour and it contributes to the improvement of learning outcomes. Teachers and non-teaching support staff at Lisieux undertake professional learning in this area.

Lisieux adopts a Positive Education approach, which essentially refers to the combination of best practice teaching with a study of wellbeing. This approach emphasises the importance of training the heart as well as the mind in education.

  1. We make learning fun.

We want members of our community to love learning and love coming to school. For that reason, we are dedicated to designing activities that engage the senses, incorporate our natural world, and involve the students in an authentic and relevant way.

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