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Nurturing and Joyful Learning Community

There are many reasons why Lisieux Catholic Primary School is such a nurturing and joyful learning community. We provide a rich and innovative curriculum; we celebrate our faith and value our relationships; and, our new buildings will feature excellent equipment and facilities.

At Lisieux, the spiritual development of our students is a central part of our mission. We strive to educate the whole person and to provide opportunities for students to flourish in all areas. Daily prayer and meditation takes place for all children and we link with the local St Therese parish to participate in liturgies.

Our approach in the Lisieux Junior School is built upon the natural curiosity of children and inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, which recognises the child as rich with wonder and potential.  This approach utilises the environment as the third teacher, and encourages communication and exploration.

In the foundation years, we have an explicit focus on literacy and numeracy. Very consciously, we also focus on outdoor learning as a means for students to construct learning, collaborate socially and explore.  Complementing this philosophy is our Outdoor Discovery Program which runs weekly and encourages an appreciation of and connection with the local environment. Specialist lessons take place in Mind and Body; and, 100 Languages, which is centred on the understanding that there are ‘one hundred different ways’ of discovering and learning, through dance, movement, painting, play and hands-on creation.

Lisieux provides students with ICT resources which support their learning journey. New technology is integrated with our teaching and learning.

The single most important factor in our learning community, however, is our dedicated staff team. Research tells us that effective teachers are the most important factor contributing to student achievement. Our staff members have been carefully selected for their skills and character strengths such as positive and caring attitude, respect for students, reflective practice, enthusiasm and dedication.

Our teaching staff constantly reflect on the needs of each child and explore the best possible ways of challenging each individual. As a learning community, we recognise that every child can learn, but some children require different opportunities and supports to do this. We commit to setting high expectations for learning and development, and to working with families to support this outcome.

One of the benefits of being a smaller community is that we provide an environment where young people feel safe and experience a sense of connectedness. Positive relationships, an inclusive approach and a sense of belonging are vital for success at school and for wellbeing.

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