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Imagination and discovery play a vital role.

Our Specialist Teacher of 100 Languages integrates visual and performing arts into the program, giving children a wide range of languages with which to express their understanding of, and response to their environment.

Additionally, our Specialist Arts educator works in an Atelierista role, fostering small group artistic expression. Small cross-age groups are targeted for intervention, recognising that children have many ideas and different languages of expression.

To date, some of their projects have included building bird boxes, weaving, intensive painting and life drawing explorations and fence design. 

Future projects will include garden sculptures, mural painting and the development of an online marketplace to exhibit and sell student masterpieces.

Classroom music focuses on students being active music makers. This means they sing, move and play both percussion and tuned instruments gaining skills to assist their musical expression.

At Lisieux we host an annual 100 Languages showcase which alternates between a production and a visual arts show, as well as providing many smaller opportunities for students to perform and exhibit their learning.  Private music tuition is offered for a range of popular instruments, by A and B Music, Geelong.

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