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At Lisieux, we understand the value of encouraging students to regularly engage in natural settings.

Research shows that outdoor learning has many positive impacts for children and these include academic, social and psychological benefits. We strive for 30% outdoor learning time at Lisieux because we know it fosters:

  • more positive social relationships
  • greater creativity and critical thinking
  • stronger connection to the environment and natural world
  • development of an adventurous spirit and a willingness to take risks
  • positive feelings and lower rates of anger, anxiety and boredom
  • improved oral language skills
  • improved skills in resilience, self-confidence, teamwork and initiative
  • better physical health
  • enhanced sensory and aesthetic awareness.

In addition to outdoor timetabled specialist lessons such as Outdoor Discovery, The Growth Project and Mind & Body, classes regularly work outdoors for activities such as mindfulness, and may experience outdoor lessons for core subjects, where applicable. Beach Discovery is a specialist program for Year 3-6 students.

“Being outdoors make me feel calmer.” (student)

“I love connecting to nature and working outside with my friends.” (student)

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