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Lisieux Catholic Primary School opened for the first time in January, 2018, initially catering for students in Years Prep-3. In 2018 students were accommodated in a redeveloped former home on site, The Carmel Centre, while main building works continued on Stage One of the school development. The Carmel Centre now accommodates our 3 Prep classes, while Years 1-6 are accommodated within our contemporary new building. In 2020, the School will commence Stage 2 works with further building and landscaping being undertaken.

The opportunity to start a school from scratch provides many benefits. Under the guidance of Principal, Susan Ryan, Lisieux has committed to building a culture that celebrates learning and fosters wellbeing. Our students will be encouraged to identify and pursue academic excellence and to actively partake in sporting endeavours, cultural pursuits and social justice initiatives. Our commitment as educators will be to walk with our students on their learning and faith journey, encouraging students in our care to achieve their full potential.

The physical environment of the school is flexible and adaptable, allowing opportunities for collaboration and independent investigation. We will be incorporating a focus on nature based investigative learning at Lisieux. Central to our mission will be the philosophy of Positive Education, an approach that combines best practice teaching with an explicit focus on wellbeing. It incorporates mindfulness training, fostering an ‘attitude of gratitude’, the identification of character strengths, and the building of positive relationships.

The school has been planned for a student population of approximately 360 students and in 2019, the current enrolment is 154 students.

Lisieux will be open to all families who are supportive of the Catholic mission and traditions of the school.

The parish strives to keep fees to a minimum and no student is denied enrolment in a Catholic school purely on the basis of genuine inability to pay fees. A family fee of $1700 per annum is charged as well as an individual student levy of $315 per annum. This covers all books, stationery and excursion costs. Flexible payment arrangements are available.

Lisieux is a primary school in the Nazareth parish, which is a priority parish for all Geelong region secondary colleges. Enrolments are subject to each Secondary college’s enrolment process.

First and foremost, Lisieux provides faith education for its students. Faith, hope, love and compassion are key values integrated into all aspects of the school’s philosophy and practice.

Lisieux proudly places relationships at the centre of all we do, and strives to celebrate each child’s unique gifts. We draw on the science of positive psychology as a framework for building a culture of best practice teaching and learning.

We have a very strong outdoor learning focus as a means for students to construct learning, collaborate socially and explore. Lisieux staff are committed to fostering creativity, and a number of specialist programs and approaches have been developed to promote inquiry, research, creativity and self-directed learning.

Lisieux has a partnership with Camp Australia who provide before and after school care from 7am daily until 6pm.

Religion has a very important role in the life of a Catholic school and all students study Religious Education. Our school community takes part in activities such as regular daily prayer, mass and liturgies to continually develop our faith.

At Lisieux, we believe that when schools and families work together, both students and our community will flourish. We actively encourage family and community involvement in the life of our school in many ways including:

  • Daily reading support
  • School Advisory Council membership
  • Parents and Friends Committee
  • Attendance at assemblies and liturgies
  • Mentoring during Genius Hour or The Growth Project

We encourage parents to enrol their child as early as possible in the year before they start school. Enrolment applications for Catholic education within the parish boundary are invited before the end of May each year, at which time applications will be assessed and offers of placement will be made to families by the end of Term Two.

For families who are changing schools or are new to the area, enrolment can be done at any time throughout the year providing we have places available.

The enrolment application can be downloaded here. To read about the enrolment policy and application process click here.

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